List of Exhibitors: BLLISS-2023

1 Maf Shoes Ltd.
2 Austan Ltd.
3 Western Footwear Ltd.
4 Libose International Pvt. Ltd. not found
5 Skicorp Trinity Manufacturing Bd Limited
6 RRP Footwear & Leather Goods Pvt. Ltd.
7 Golden Union Leather Product Ltd.
8 Apex Footwear Ltd.
9 PICARD Bangladesh Ltd.
10 FB Footwear Ltd.
11 Bay Footwear Ltd.
12 Xing Chang Shoes Bd Ltd. not found
13 Accenture Footwear and Leather Products Ltd.
14 OMC Footwear Limited
15 ABC Footwear Ltd.
16 Footmark Footwear Ltd.
17 SK Trims Ltd.
18 Fortune Shoes Ltd.
19 Golden Frog not found
20 Innova Polymer Ltd.
21 Tropical Shoes Ind. Ltd.
22 Jiangcheng Shoes Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd. not found

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