The country has set forth its vision to become a developed country by 2041; Bangladesh leather products and footwear sector aims to be a proud contributor towards realizing this goal. The government considers this industry as one of the main growth generators to cross the middle income threshold. It’s now the 2nd largest export-earning industry earning well over 1.5 billion USD and employing about 1 million people directly and indirectly. The government has devised a ten-year perspective plan that includes a target to increase the leather sector’s export earnings to $10-$12 billion by 2030. China’s gradual upgrading from leather products, footwear, and synthetic products to high-tech industries opens relocating export opportunities for Bangladesh. The industry has increased its capacities and competitiveness over the years and LFMEAB and the GoB have been working to tap the potential to become a cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable international manufacturing hub in leather products and footwear value chain. After successfully completing the BLLISS shows in 2017, 2018, and 2019, this is the 4th edition of BLLISS-2023 (Bangladesh Leatherfootwear & Leathergoods International Sourcing Show)

Multiple opportunities under one roof

Organized by Leathergoods And Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) and directed by Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, provides an effective platform for buyers, brands, and sourcing representatives to be connected with top-level manufacturers and exporters of leather goods and footwear manufactures and exporters in Bangladesh and set to facilitate effective networking and partnership opportunities as well as present investment potential.


BANGLADESH: a RESILIENT, RELIABLE, & RESOURCEFUL sourcing solution in the global leather products and footwear value chain.

Aims of BLLISS-2023

  • To showcase some of the best Leather Footwear, Leathergoods, Non-leather Footwear and Accessories produced by leading manufacturers & exporters from Bangladesh.
  • To brand Bangladesh as one of the most lucrative production hubs in the global supply chain map of Leathergoods and Leather Footwear value chain.
  • To provide the opportunity for onsite business meetings and interaction among the producers-exporters and international brands-buyers

Underlined objectives of BLLISS-2023

  • Advocacy for favorable, predictable, pro-export diversification policy regimes
  • Marketing to new markets and customers
  • Attract investment and FDI in the supply chain
  • Connecting the global supply chain to Bangladesh
  • Highlight leather as an original sustainable material/product

Expected Outcomes

  • Blliss-2023 Will Bring New Market Access
  • Market Expansion
  • Transfer Of The Technological Know-how
  • Developing Of Business Relationship
  • Establishment Of Business To Business (B To B) Linkage
  • Matchmaking Among Producers And Suppliers Of Raw Material And Machinery
  • Direct ContactWith Relevant Government Dignitaries And Solid Investment.